Why Hire a Photo Booth When You Already Have a Photographer?

hire a photo boothIf you’re looking for alternative activities, think about the possibilities if you hire a photo booth. When you’ve exhausted all of your options, a photo booth might just seem like one less likely possibility. However, consider the various perks that come with the photo booth.

There are truthfully endless possibilities when it comes to having a photo booth at your event. These are only a few perks that come with the photo booth, but there are several other positives that follow the initial excitement and creativity of the personalized photo opportunities.

  • More Than Just Photos

Photo booths offer a closer space to get to know someone when taking a picture. With that also comes several hilarious props to choose from, and each prop can show a little bit of someone’s personality. If you want to get to know a person better, a photo booth very well could be one way of doing so.

The pictures that you can get from a photo booth are more than just pictures. They are also keepsakes and reminders of things learned and experienced from the other side of the camera in the photo booth. These moments caught on camera can remind you of how much you learned about someone, and what new people you met and became closer friends with.

  • Self-Expression

The props that come with each photo booth are specially chosen for the ultimate photo booth experience. These props are uniquely hilarious and adorable, each with its very own photo opportunities and imaginative possibilities. When paired with a creative mind, nothing can compare to the outcome.

Whether you’re a bride and groom or a couple of kids looking to have some fun in a moment between activities, the pictures that only a photo booth can produce will stay with you and your guests for ages. These captured moments of pure self-expression and getting to know new people partnered with moments with old friends will make a unique and valued addition to any photo book.

  • Secondary Guestbook, Unique in its Own Right

All of the photos that are taken in the photo booth will be overall compiled into a single book of photos. This book can be formatted as a guestbook for your viewing pleasure either online or ordered as a physical copy. Your guests will be thrilled to sign their very own pictures!

  • Add an Air of Relaxation to your Event

To get a photo booth is to add a casual air to your event. This will allow your guests to relax and more easily have fun. If you’re at all concerned about your event becoming too tense, you might consider try to hire a photo booth from SmartPicsUK Event Photography.

For those who are more outgoing, a photo booth is an amazing way to make friends and get into the swing of the events, as well as getting into the right mood for a party. For more introverted people, the photos and the process of them is certain to be more than enough entertainment and conversation starters for the entire event. So, in essence what you are getting is pictures and a more convenient method of fostering interaction among your guests.

How to Choose the Right Photographer Kent

photographer KentPhotographers are skilled in immortalizing memories at your events because they take candid pictures of priceless moments of your event. Choosing the right photographer Kent for such purpose should be done so with so much carefulness. Getting the right photography should mean a lot to you because it involves someone taking record of beautiful moments and people you might never get to see again and thus the only way to get hold of such memories is by capturing them.

Choosing a photographer can come with so much stress because you have to make a lot of researches so as not to make a mistake. There are lots of ways on how to choose the right photographer for your ceremony but I will be focusing on a few in today’s article. Here are the useful tips on how to choose the right photographer.

  • Do a research and ask friends for recommendations

Doing a search on Google or any other search engine would be just fine in helping you look for good photographers that can cover your ceremony. However, this might not just suffice. Asking friends, neighbours or maybe colleagues for recommendations can help you get a good photographer that would just be suitable for your ceremony. Recommendations go a long way in helping to find the right photographer Kent for your event.

  • Set up interviews

Before finally choosing the right photographer, set up interviews between you and the photographers. Ask certain questions that will clarify you of certain things, questions such as:

  • Do you have a backup photographer?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • How much will it cost to cover my event?
  • How long will it take to get my images?
  • What will you be wearing on the day of my event?
  • How many hours will you be working? Etc.

Go through portfolio

Always go through a photographer’s portfolio. This will enable you to know if he has a particular pattern of photography or he is skilled in all types of photography. Now while going through his portfolio, be observant to notice if there is any form of inconsistency in his pattern of photography or image quality. If you find any inconsistencies at all in his image quality, I would advise you try another photographer.

Check the personality of the photographer

It’s very important to study the personality of the photographer. Is he someone you can work with? Is he a flexible person? All these you should take into consideration when choosing a photographer. Make sure your both personalities blend.

Is he someone you can trust?

You would be having a big ceremony and you must be certain that you can trust this photographer enough to capture raw moments of emotions. If you feel you may not be comfortable, it’s advisable to try another photographer


Before hiring a photographer, one thing you should take into so much consideration is the experience level of the photographer. Do you think you are ok with his experience level? Well if you are ok, then you can go ahead and strike a deal with him

The few tips on how to choose the right photographer should go a long way in helping you make the right decision when trying to choose a photographer for your event.

If you’re looking for a good photographer Kent, for coverage of any event then I suggest you check out http://www.davidburkephotography.co.uk. They are one of the best photography giants in the UK.

4 Things Your Wedding Photographers Portsmouth Must Offer

wedding photographers PortsmouthDifferent photographers have different things they offer. Different packages, different styles and definitely, different prices. Irrespective, all photographers should bring to the table, by default, some necessitates. Otherwise, you should re-think giving the job to that photographer.

Below are some of the things wedding photographers Portsmouth must offer for you to have a satisfying experience before, during and after your wedding

  1. Contract of Agreement

No kidding. That piece of paper is everything about your wedding pictures. In fact, the very life or essence of your wedding pictures hinges on the contract. Why? Because a contract spells out everything about you and the photographer, and the agreement that none of you will jettison the deal. The contract finalizes that each party is expected to deliver and ensures that one party does not get cheated by the other at the end of the day.

With a contract, you know that your photographer is serious about your wedding.

  1. Work Ethic

What happened after your first call on the phone to discuss the probability of hiring him or her? Did he or she follow up with a text? How about the interview day? Was he or she late to attend or arrive? (If so, why?) Did he or she look smart? How will he or she look on the wedding day? What happens if you don’t receive your pictures in time, as agreed in the contract? Did you get candid, professional responses to the questions you asked? Were they insightful and informative?

These are a few questions to ask and things to watch out for. A wedding photographer with a strong sense of commitment is better than any experienced, yet lazy wedding photographer.

The wedding photographer must offer standard equipment as part of good work ethics and a professional service. This should include the camera that would be used, batteries, memory cards, flash, lighting, reflectors, as well as spares in case something goes wrong or there is an emergency. There should be different types of lenses to cater to different light situations. If the wedding photographer does not offer standard equipment, then the photographer is not a professional.

  1. Packages

Here, we are not particular about any kind of package. However, wedding photographers Portsmouth like https://jameswhitephotos.com/ should have different packages that cater to people of all budget types. There should be varieties and they should be considerate. The most expensive package does not necessarily have to be overtly better than the rest. For instance, these packages should have the options of a second or alternative photographer. The reason for the wedding photographer bringing in a second wedding photographer is to increase image quantity without reducing image quality. Basically, there should be a package for anything—and everything—you want as the client.

  1. Social Skills

Personality and mannerisms go a long way. Good communication skills and impeccable people skills are soft skills that your photographer must have. He won’t be interacting with his camera but with people.

So, it is only smart that you hire among wedding photographers Portsmouth who can make guests light up with excitement. He should be tolerant, as many people will step on his or her shoes—literally. Also, he should be welcoming and smart because many scenarios will require quick thinking.

How to Ensure Your Baby’s Safety During a Baby Photoshoot

baby photoshootYour precious little angel is still fragile and is completely dependent on you to keep the small adorable creature safe. As a parent you want all the good things in life for your treasured baby, and you want to have a portrait of your baby that you can hang on your wall proudly. You need to expose your precious bundle of joy to a baby photoshoot to achieve a professional and exquisite baby portrait. Though photographing a baby takes expertise and skill, the best baby photographers are capable of handling this seemingly difficult task. However, you need to be aware of the risks, and be mindful of the simple thing than can guarantee that your baby will be utterly safe in the studio.

Minimize wearing fragrances

During the baby photoshoot, your photographer must minimize wearing any strong fragrances that could potentially irritate your baby’s nose. Your baby is sensitive to perfumes or colognes, perfumed soaps, after shave, lotions, and products for hairstyling. The last thing you need is a sneezing baby that will become restless and crying.

Hands thoroughly washed

Thoroughly clean hands are very crucial before handling your baby, so make sure that you notice that your photographer went to the wash area and cleaned the hands.

Warm up the studio

Your baby had just come out after nine months of cozying up inside the womb. Your baby needs to be warm to have a peaceful sleep, and the photography studio for the baby photoshoot needs to be warm for the baby’s sake. The studio needs to be heated up, but watch out for the space heater being used. Make sure that the device does not point directly to the area that your baby is lying in, because your baby can be injured if the area heated up too much.

Cancel if ill

You probably have a busy schedule especially when you are juggling parenthood and work, and your photographer is pretty much always busy with everything in photography and personal life. But if in case that during your photoshoot schedule your photographer unfortunately became ill, even if it is just a simple cough, reschedule the session right away and do not let the photographer near your precious little creature. Your baby can easily contract an illness, so be very careful not to let your baby get near a sick photographer, no matter what it will cost you to re-schedule your appointment.

Clean and disinfected props

A photographer’s studio is filled with various props for their clients, adults and babies alike. In a day, there could be more than three sessions in that studio, and you’ll never know the germs that had gotten into the props. Make it a point to find out if the photographer is re-using the props from another baby photoshoot, or are the props thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every after use, no matter how short the time of the session is. Visit www.stephenbrucephotography.co.uk for you to meet a professional and hygienic baby photographer that always makes absolutely sure that everything is clean and ready for your baby, and takes your baby’s health seriously.

Did You Check Your Contract with Your Wedding Photographer Kent?

We are sure that you are very excited about hiring your wedding photographer Kent. It must be thrilling just to think about the pictures that you will get from your wedding when you consider of the preparation that you have done. But just one tiny little step befwedding photographer Kentore you hire your wedding photographer can really ruin your experience with your photographer.

That is, the time when you have to sign the contract with your photographer. It’s not a big deal when you have consulted everything with your photographer. That contract is just to seal everything you have talked about. But, check these out! You know you want to be careful in signing that contract from now on.

Tricky fine prints

Every contract often has those small printed texts that usually contains exceptions to the statement that was mentioned. However, these exceptions are important parts of the contract or the photographer won’t feel the necessity to state them. And because of that, you have to carefully observe the content of the fine prints as well!

For example, it could be stating extra charges that you have to pay at the end of the service. It could also be mentioning about the things that your photographer is not entitled to do under certain circumstances. It could even be telling how the clients are not allowed to sue them under what situations. All these things can be really disadvantaging to you, so it’s better that you read them before signing.

Clear statements

Did your photographer include statements that seem ambiguous and mildly sliding away from what you have dealt with him before? Don’t hesitate to inquire about it to your photographer right away. A professional wedding photographer Kent like Penny Young Photography wouldn’t dare to lie or try to talk his way out but explain what it is. If necessary, you can ask for it to be mentioned in a more straightforward way.

In order to understand the content, you will need to spend some time reading it. It may be long, but do not try to skip parts just because you want to look like you trust the photographer and sign it anyway. Make sure of the content, be clear on everything with your photographer, and sign it after you agree with everything that is printed on that paper.


A wedding photographer who has an insurance is more reliable compared to other photographers. Let us explain why. A photographer who has an insurance is willing to do his best to protect you and it may be stated in the contract as well. For example, if your photographer accidentally causes a property at the venue to break. Your photographer will not let anything happen to you and the company will cover that.

What if you are not sure of the photographer’s professionalism? A good wedding photographer Kent with professional indemnity can guarantee you of the quality of the pictures that you will get. By showing that he’s never claimed, you can be assured that no one has ever sued this person for being unprofessional.

Is a Documentary Wedding Photographer The Best Option?

documentary wedding photographerYou are getting married, and you definitely want to make sure that your wedding photos are perfect. For sure, you are torn between traditional wedding style photography and documentary wedding photography. Depending on your taste, you can choose one, but if you really think about it, your wedding is all about you and your fiancé, it is a wedding that never happened before, and you will want to capture it as it is, and not have photos that look the same as other traditional wedding photos in the world.

A documentary wedding photographer can capture real moments that are not staged, and provide you with photographs that will overwhelm you with so much pride and joy. After all, real emotions are timeless, and when captured in camera, they become priceless mementos that you will cherish in your heart forever.

Memories of how you felt

Years after the wedding, you will look at your wedding photos and be transported back to that special day. When you look at a photo, you will remember how it felt when that moment happened, and not how the photographer gives instructions for you on what to do. It is important to be at ease, and not worry about posing for the cameras all day. Your documentary wedding photographer can skillfully create photographs that tell a story of the bond you have with your fiancé, family and friends. The documentary wedding photos will allow the next generation to see a sense of true emotions and genuine interactions during your wedding.

See things you were not aware of

There will be hundreds of moments in your wedding day that you cannot see. Hidden interactions of raw emotions that your guests have that your documentary wedding photographer can seize for you and record for you to see after the wedding. Priceless photos of genuine expressive moments from all the loving people around you can be shown in elegant candid photos. Documentary wedding photography is definitely the best option for your wedding day, because you get to watch your own wedding day story unfold before your eyes. You get to see a beautiful, emotional journey that you, your beloved, and all your family and friends took on the day you say “I Do”.

Raw emotions are priceless

People look natural and beautiful when they have no idea they are being photographed, and their real personalities come into play. When people realize that their pictures are being taken, they change into what they perceive as the best look to capture, and that will look staged and unnatural. Your documentary wedding photographer will make sure to blend in with the crowd, taking amazing pictures filled with raw emotions, and provide you with fresh, unique, and exquisite documentary photos. The happy glaze in your eyes, the secret smiles you have for you’re the one person in the world you chose to marry, the way you both communicate with your eyes, all that can be perfectly captured by Catherine Pound Photography and you will have gorgeous wedding photographs that will leave a lump in your throat and tears flowing.

How to Make People Get Surrey Photo Booth Hire from You

Surrey photo booth hireThe latest trend in a wedding is to hire a photo booth to give guests more things to do and memories to bring home. That is probably why you think that it’s a good idea to provide Surrey photo booth hire service. It’s what everyone is asking, so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone who will hire yours.

Well, that’s what you thought. Until you realize that everyone else is also providing the same service.


First, it’s important for you to set a standard of your photo booth. The photo booths that today offer is much better than they were years ago. They are already equipped with the best camera, capturing pictures sharply and provide additional features to make the pictures more fun!

Your photo booth has to be able to do all that and comes with the props as well. No photo booth is complete without the necessary props to make it unique from other pictures that people have probably taken before at the same place. You have to point out to your clients that your photo booth is up to the standard (and better if possible) compared to others.

Offer flexibility

Every couple wants a photo booth hire that is flexible that doesn’t charge them even when it’s not in use. Just like that, allow flexibility by letting the couple decide when they want the photo booth to be opened. You will be sending people to take care of the booth, so have that person open or close the booth per client’s request.

A Surrey photo booth hire that we know is capable to do this is from www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire. It really helps the clients to control their budget and only spend when they really need it and on the most crowded hours.

Offer variety

What does your camera offer? Some booths allow various stickers to be added into the pictures to make them look funny and crazy. Many photo booths offer similar stickers, but it’s also important to offer something different for yours. Don’t only try doing what others have been doing, but also show something different than others don’t have, yet. Make the trend.

Variety can also be seen from the props that you have. Rent the props with the booth and you can set different tiers of props for the clients to rent from. The more props they choose, the more expensive it is.

Work with a photography business

Do you have a photography business? It’s the best partner to have with your Surrey photo booth hire service because clients don’t want the hassle to hire from separate providers. If you offer similar things and prices at the similar price, they will definitely choose you over others. A wedding photographer can also market your service to their clients.

Convince people that when they hire photographers, they want to get a lot of pictures out of that day. This photo booth is going to add up to that and allow them to keep even more memories of the day. There is something more than just entertaining the guests for the couple, and this will convince people.

Have a Documentary Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

documentary wedding photographerIf you are still not sure what style of wedding photography you want for your wedding, allow us to suggest hiring a professional documentary wedding photographer! You might be wondering what kind of photographer is that and what is good about hiring this particular style. Let us explain what a documentary photography does and why people love them.

The documentary is a particular style that focuses on the storyline of the wedding party.

A documentary photographer is similar to those that you see in news and scientific channels such as Discovery Channel. The photographers are determined people who will do everything necessary to get a good shot of the event. In this case, they will do their best to capture all your wedding moments without failure.

And as mentioned before, documentary pretty much focuses on the events and story of the day.

That is why it’s common to see how documentary photographers tell you about how they can create a beautiful storybook out of your special day. It’s very possible for them in the way they shoot and their perspective on a wedding day.

It is also common to see documentary style wedding pictures to be finished in a rather simple, elegant, black and white format. To create that nostalgic and timeless feels, photographers love to use the grayscale effect. You also don’t expect that picture as you didn’t know your photographer took that one because he’s always behind the scene, remaining a quiet an observer throughout the whole day.

A really good documentary wedding photographer that we know, www.catherinepound.com, tells us that it’s easy to miss things in a wedding party. A lot of things happen in a flash, moments of happiness, laughter, stealing glances, each of them become so precious when captured in a picture. Every couple ends up loving every side of the story that she captured and that made her happy as well try her best.

And this is the kind of photographer that we want you to find. You need a photographer that really considers every wedding party as special and beautiful. The love that brought the two of you together and drove you to make the life-changing decision to be married, that’s the love you want to be captured. That’s the story that you want.

To do that, the photographer has to be professional in his methods.

He has to be quiet in the background, observing everything that is happening, but bold enough to move and capture everything in it. That’s not an easy feat to do because that means the photographer is not allowed to direct anyone in the party! It has to happen naturally and we believe you wish your photographer to do so, too.

A documentary wedding photographer is the best choice to get for you who consider the story of your wedding as important. It’s the best choice for you who love to see the different sides of your day and relive it every single time you flip through your wedding album. And is the best choice if you love natural expressions of everyone that filled your day with happiness and love!

Wedding Photography: Quality Above Quantity

wedding photographer DundeeMany people are interested in photographers who eagerly offer more pictures of their service. They even offer a cheaper price for the same service!

We are about to warn you of the danger of it. The danger of the temptation to hire someone who is cheaper and offers more compared to a professional wedding photographer Dundee. Because we know that these cheap prices never lie about who their master is.

Main occupation

Working as a wedding photographer is a fulltime job. It is not something that can be done in your free time because most of the offers that come will require you to shoot for the whole day. More than that, you also have to let clients consult with you, edit their pictures before printing them out, order for their wedding album and finally, present the end product for them.

It’s a job that really requires a lot of time and focuses from the photographer as you will be responsible for everything. Your wedding photographer should be someone who knows well about the job and has years of experience in it. The photographer must clearly show that he or she does only wedding photography strictly as the main job.


A professional wedding photographer is always well-sought out. Yet, because of their integrity to quality, they remain taking up only the jobs they know they can do. They won’t be tempted to handle offers they know they may not be able to give their best in. That is how your wedding photographer Dundee should be.

An example of such a photographer is a professional from www.angusforbesphotography.com. We are sure that you will be happy to know your photographer is someone who will give his best for his clients. It is necessary to ensure that your photographer is able to give his best for you.

What quantity is about?

Sure, that person is telling you that you will be getting a lot of pictures done by a wedding photographer. So many that you will still remember the day as if it was fresh from yesterday when you look at them. That was not a proven fact, though.

Having a lot of pictures does not mean that all those pictures are going to be equally amazing. If a professional can only take so much, can you guess what having extra 200-300 means? They might be duplicates of the same thing, or in other words, the spam of the same scene over and over again.

You did not hire a wedding photographer Dundee just to get spammed pictures of your wedding day. You did it because you want some quality pictures that really capture something; it could be the first kiss, close friends gathering together again or simply elegant/natural/gorgeous scenes. It is also the photographer job to be quick and capture everything as they happen before his eyes.

It is not that difficult to find a photographer who is really professional about it and does his best. However, the temptation to hire someone cheaper can be huge, making it easy to waste away your special day with low-quality wedding photographers.

4 Effective Tips for Getting Natural-looking Pictures

natural wedding photographyNatural wedding photography is one of the most wanted ‘ styles’ by clients. Although it’s not exactly something that can stand as a style, natural, unobstructed wedding pictures are what these people want. They don’t want wedding pictures with people that look like they are about to take pictures like prisoners.

Once you’ve mastered it, you, too, can put natural wedding photography on your site!

1. Get those people used to you

Candid moments cannot be done if the people who have their pictures taken are conscious of you. This can happen if you haven’t introduced yourself to them or if the atmosphere is awkward. You cannot help it if your camera with lens one can be noticed by people across the room. So, what you can do is help people to lower their guard around you.

The guests are ok, but the parents of the couple might not feel the same. Some of these people probably hate having pictures taken by strangers although they consciously know that the pictures are for their children. One way to comfort them is to meet them early in the morning or during the rehearsal.

2. Learn from an expert

If you haven’t gone to a formal class on photography before, you might want to figure out a way to get a professional lesson on it. Sometimes, it’s easier for others to point out your mistakes than finding it out on your own. Having a lesson with an expert in natural wedding photography is one way.

If you want to know someone professional in wedding photography, we can recommend you www.bohochicweddings.co.uk. You’ll see some of the best-taken wedding pictures with the subjects completely oblivious to it. The pictures all look really natural and everyone seems to be in their true character without acting involved.

3. Apply various techniques

There are many ways to take pictures naturally. One of them is to go with minimum equipment and stroll around the hall as if you’re also a guest. People might get conscious of you if they notice how you’re carrying a lot of equipment and sees you station those cameras in various spots. This is challenging in that everything relies on how well you position yourself and how familiar you are with your camera.

Other methods would be to come early, prepare the second camera before anyone sees you and take the pictures as time goes by. This approach can distract you as you shoot other things because you have to multitask and remember that you have another camera ready.

Taking fly-on-the-wall approach would also mean that you keep quiet as you work, refraining from commenting at all. Unless it’s necessary, you don’t want people to notice that there’s a photographer around them.

4. Whatever suits you

You might come upon various tips and tricks on natural wedding photography. Depending on how these photographers like to work, they’ll suggest different ways on how you’re supposed to do it. There is never one correct way to do things in photography; it’s all about perspective and preference!

When you find one way that you like, practice in it for perfection. Remember that not even a master can do this in one shot; everybody needs to practice to create a perfect performance.