Tips for Great Headshot Photography

headshot photographer ReadingHeadshot photography from a distance looks easy. In fact, rather ironically, as a demanding field of photography, beginners don’t need to have a lot of equipment, save a good camera and a few other things.

To be honest, taking a headshot is not as easy as it looks. When made conscious of a camera pointed at them, people generally tend to get really fidgety and a lot more aware of their looks and positions. Many great photographs were taken with the individual caught unawares.

The professional headshot photographer Reading has the responsibility of ensuring that the images shot are well taken and edited. So, they have to be taken with precision and have to represent a calm and confident client. This is why it takes much patience, skill and bonding, to arrive at a beautiful headshot.

Surprisingly, great headshots require more than skill or equipment. There are a few things even professionals tend to overlook that greatly impact the quality of the headshots.

So, we advise a few things clients should do on their part to bring out our best work yet:

  • Bond, Talk, Even When Taking Pictures

We cannot overemphasize the importance of a having conversations with the client. First off, it helps to calm the client and gets to establish a relationship between both of you. Secondly, it helps the photographer figure out what the photographs will be used for exactly. In a conversation, the headshot photographer Readinggets to know what you do, and how the pictures should represent you.

When taking pictures too, engage in a conversation with your client. This helps greatly in reducing tension, and you will have varieties of images to choose from at the end of the day.

  • Be Aware of What Your Client Wears

No pun intended. This is very important. Have it at the back of your mind that you aren’t taking pictures of your client’s face only. A good part of their clothes will appear in the pictures too. There is a sense of formality associated with headshots.

There are general rules that need to be followed. No graphic logo tee-shirts or similar clothes with funny slogans. Clothes should be formal – a shirt and blazer for men, or dresses for women. Be wary of colours and tone. Many times, the photos will be converted to black and white, and the outcome might not be so great due to many contradicting colours.

  • Positioning

In taking headshots, poses are quite limited. You are majorly focussed on the upper bust (and sometimes, down to the waist) and there is a limit to the creativity you can put in. The reason for this is that headshots are meant to portray the client as confident, calm and in control. It is easy to get carried away and lose focus of what you want to achieve.

But you can play around with a few poses that require a slight turn of the head and shoulders. Angles are equally important. Make sure you take pictures at angles not below the client’s face. You should check out headshot photographer Reading for examples of this.

Do My Photo Booth Need Insurance?

photo booth hireIt’s a big question for photo booth hire providers. What could possibly happen inside your photo booth that you need insurance? At the same time, you cannot dismiss the possibilities that anything can happen, but yet you doubt the chance.

Don’t doubt that. More like, don’t gamble on the fact that there only such a small chance for anything significant to happen inside there.

Injuries and property damages

What could happen in a photo booth? Well, in every party, there’s always alcohol involved (unless you ban it in yours) and guests who want to have fun sometimes have too much fun. Alcohol alone is a sole factor that can cause people to act crazy or even kill each other. While things may not escalate to that level, a simple scratch on their chin after bumping on your photo booth is enough to stir up problems.

At the same time, the man may have bumped and scratched the photo booth. You cannot just rent this to your next client and you need to immediately fix it. Depending on the damages, it may require professional touch for better results.

Property insurance can cover the damage on your photo booth while liability insurance will deal with the medical fee. You only need to file the case and your company will easily deal with it for you. Easy, right? But it won’t be this easy if you have to pay from your pocket directly for the injuries and repair.

Employee’s liability insurance

If your photo booth hire provides a butler or a dedicated employee like, you’re always required to provide them a liability insurance.

A moment’s mistake

There’s no doubt that we are all subject to momentary distraction that can cause us heavy damages. An example of these moments is when we lose the files of the pictures taken on that day due to dropping and losing the memory card. We cannot recover the files and it’s a mistake from our side. The client is definitely going to demand and might file a lawsuit against us.

Professional indemnity insurance can help cover that damage and help you provide the legal and penalty fee to cover it. Professional indemnity insurance is always there whenever a lawsuit is made against our professionalism in delivering our work to our client. On the other side, if you never made a claim for the next couple of years, you will receive appreciation from the company with a reduction of premium while still enjoying the same benefits!

Venue owners

A lot of venue owners today only want to work with insured partners. The only investment they have is their venue, which is always at risk of having something bumped, broken, or damaged. If their partners have insurance, it will help cover the fee and get rid of the hassle of trying to argue with those people.

In fact, if you want to be able to work in most venues, insurance is like something you must have. You don’t want your clients to walk out and find someone else just because your photo booth hire is not insured.

4 Professional Tips for Commercial Photography

commercial photographers WaterfordThere are photographers who don’t know what kind of photographer they are. They face difficulties when they try to put up a portfolio that appeals. Some might’ve been a jack-of-all-trades for a while.

It’s important that you stop doing that and start focusing on the true you as commercial photographers Waterford

Describe yourself

Find a way to describe your method of capturing things and also the subject. When you look at your pictures, what do they often say? What kind of mood do you feel from them? It will also help you arrange your portfolios and explain to your future employers the kind of pictures you take.

What kind of pictures do you like the most from your works? Pinpoint on that and start exploring in a narrower space. That’s how you can focus more on your career. A commercial photographer can only be renowned in a certain niche. You cannot take pictures of everything and tell others that you excel in everything. No one will believe you and you most probably can’t prove that either.

Take a step back

You can choose to take a step back if you’re confused with your current choice. It doesn’t mean you have to completely stop from working as a photographer. We all have to earn and make ends meet. But at that time, think about what you think you do best. Then begin paving your own way towards that specific road.

At the same time, we can never expect who will become our first big green light that this the right way. Just like how this one of the best commercial photographers Waterford did and you can check his works here

Research your client

When you’re about to bid or offer your quote, research about the brand and the people you’re going to work with. Don’t just agree with the quote with a basic description of ‘appealing pictures for my food products’. You need something more detailed than that; will there be models involved? Where will the pictures be used? How big do you plan to print it? There are many more questions you should ask.

Asking them these questions will also help them to get more detailed and prepared. It will certainly help you in directing the shots and capture those pictures they need. In the end, it will become your portfolios, which will propel you even further in your career.

Photography is not cheap.

A lot of photographers think that low price is appealing and it’s a great way to clients fast. Sure, it is, but photography isn’t something that is cheap, especially if they want it to be professionally done. If it is a project you enjoy and can gain a lot of experience from, for a starter, it is a good deal. But later in the future when you’ve set yourself apart, never go lower than a standard you need to create for yourself.

Commercial photographers Waterford must always find a specific road they can enjoy walking on, do proper research and continue towards it while holding on to their own standard. This is not easy, but if you do it with a disciplined attitude, you’ll surely make it there.

How Can a Wedding Photographer Be So Important?

wedding photographer LeicesterIt seems to be very out of this world to hear someone tells you that hiring a wedding photographer as if it’s a matter of life and death. You might be thinking that having to hire a professional do something that just anyone with a decent smartphone can isn’t that serious. You can always ask for pictures from others and who knows, your nephew with his new DSLR can probably do a fine job.

A professional wedding photographer Leicester is more than just a person with a camera. It might be hard, but as we try to explain things to you in layman’s term, you’d know that the job isn’t something that simply depends on the camera.

Keen eyesight

A professional photographer first needs a good eyesight in capturing the things that are going on in front of him. It’s important to remember that all of the events that happen in a wedding is often sudden and unplanned. Important and beautiful moments can just flash by your eyes and it’s all up to your photographer’s agile reflexes to capture them.

If we’re given the same equipment, we might not have even the readiness and mentality of a photographer when placed in a hall filled with people. There are a bunch of things happening at the same time and we need to choose only some that will really count into the wedding collection.

Not all photographers are that great

It’s apparent that there are people who like to call themselves professional but aren’t even adding up to even half of a real professional. Combing through your candidates for the right guy has to be started with eliminating the non-professionals. Then you can start choosing a person you’re compatible with.

If you’d like a quick recommendation, we have a professional wedding photographer Leicester with years of experience to suggest. Visit and you’ll see his portfolios.

Those are the pictures you’ll keep

At the beginning of your wedding, you might look at your pictures and see how beautiful they are. You might even be praising your photographer or think the better ways to capture them. Then you’ll want to have the pictures posted on your social media account, because why not?

But the significance of this in 50 years’ time is huge. They are more than just pictures; they sum up to more than your memories. What you can barely remember now are still printed clearly on your wedding album. Every single time you flip through your wedding album, you can’t imagine how you’ll look back without it.

The pictures that your guests captured won’t even last a couple of years. We don’t if Instagram is still around in 10 years’ time. Or if your friends will still have the pictures by then.

There’s a price for everything

Even for your uncle who volunteered to be the photographer. You don’t know his capabilities nor does he have an experience in dealing with a full wedding photography project. You’ll eventually know that you’re paying the price after you get the pictures.

We all want a professional wedding photographer Leicester to do the job because only then can you be assured that you’re letting a responsible and capable person do the job.

Everything You Need Know Before Booking a Lifestyle Session

Orange County newborn photographerWhat’s a lifestyle newborn session? Aside from the fact that it’s not done at the studio, you probably have next to nothing you know about preparing for the session. Here are the things that you know will prove useful when you book for one with your Orange County newborn photographer.

Where will it be done?

Ask your photographer where the best place to have the lifestyle carried out. If you want it to be your home, you can ask this and have the photographer consider the possibility. Several factors have to consider, like if the natural light or the ambiance of the house if good enough.

If it’s not, you can consider using someone’s house temporary to have the pictures taken. Don’t eliminate the chances of shooting outdoor! It’s a completely safe thing to do, so long as the baby is properly wrapped and the weather isn’t too windy or cold.

Get a professional in the field

Don’t let just anyone try to take your newborn pictures. Unless that person has years of necessary experience as a photographer, you might be disappointed at your pictures. There are a lot of things that beginners don’t know about newborns and taking their pictures. Stuff like how to keep the baby in place and what kind of pose isn’t healthy for them.

If you are in need of someone that is really professional and knowledgeable, this Orange County newborn photographer,, would be our recommendation.

This professional can do more than just taking pictures. He can assess the home and knows the kind of poses babies will be most comfortable with. There’s also the factor that each home has different family members in the different layout of the house. That calls for quick creativity to get everyone in the frame.

Prepare before your delivery

Post-labor times can be tiring and you need all the time you can get to rest and take care of your baby. It’s best that you can clean up the house before your delivery is due. You will have to immediately arrange for the session after your delivery. That’s why cleaning up is better done before the delivery.

If it’s tiring for you, always remember that there are people willing to help you. It can be your husband, friends or other family members. You are the one who needs most rest during this time. Clean up the rooms that your photographer has already mentioned will be used.

Photographer will scout

After booking, your photographer will set up a time to come to your home to scout for the location. If it’s good enough, he’ll point parts of the house that will be used. Usually, these places are naturally bright-lit locations, like under the window or around glass doors. It’s because the best light for newborn babies is natural ones.

Both of you can discuss of the possibility of going outdoor to take pictures at the backyard. If the weather allows, your Orange County newborn photographer would be happy to comply. Don’t forget to include all family members, such as your pet cats or dogs.

This guide can hopefully give you a clearer image and help you prepare for a lifestyle session.

What’s in Your Wedding Photography Package?

Leeds wedding photographerWhat do you need in your wedding photography package? Different photographers can include different things in their packages to cater to the different needs and range of customers. That said, sometimes none of those packages contain what we really need.

We’ll be talking about the things that a Leeds wedding photographer usually offer and what you can do about them!


To start with, you need to find a photographer that is willing to customize the package according to your need. Since this also means that you’re conscious about price, this is an important feature your photographer needs to possess.


Start with the person(s) that will take your wedding pictures. Do you need to hire two photographers or is it possible to have only one person? Some don’t let you hire only one; the two is a set and without one, the other won’t be able to perform well. Others allow you to ask for that.

In the case you can only hire two photographers, you can reduce the hours they work and only cover your ceremony or reception party. Important to state the hours they work. This way, you can still get complete coverage during the hours they work and you can have a friend or relative to do the rest.

Wedding albums

Do you want a wedding album to be included? Many couples answer no as they think it’s a waste of money when they can access the pictures online anywhere, anytime. Yet, a professional Leeds wedding photographer from would like to help you to see this in a better light.

A wedding album’s purpose is to keep pictures in good condition for a good long time. You’ll be able to physically touch them and open the album again anytime you want at home. It’s also a better way to show people pictures; wedding album is always bigger and more convenient than iPad or SmartTV. You can carry them anywhere and flip through it quickly or slowly, up to you.

You can also print small wedding albums for your parents, especially if you’re planning to move out. They’ll definitely miss you, but these pictures will become a great relief for them. Mini albums will contain mostly pictures of the ceremony and the wedding procession, everything parents want.

Extra hours

Some photographers include extra hours into their package to be used for a different occasion but related to the wedding. It can be for rehearsal dinner, a man of honor or bridal shower. However, if you don’t think it’s important, you can mention this and ask for a cut of price for it.


Some photographers promise that they’ll deliver a certain number of pictures. Quantity is important, but it shouldn’t be above quality. There’s no point of getting 1000 pictures if at least 400 of them were poorly edited/taken. It’s best to focus on the quality of pictures and completeness of documentary.

As long as they manage to send you as many pictures as they’ve promised, remember that the quality of the pictures should be high. You can also state this to your Leeds wedding photographer so that they won’t try so hard taking as many pictures, but rather focus on only real good pictures.

Baby Photoshoot: 101 Things to Prepare You!

baby photoshootStarting your journey as a baby photographer means a lot. You will be dealing with lots of laughter and cry of babies during a baby photoshoot. There will also be a lot of mess to clean up and floor to mop. But are there enough strong reasons to continue on this path?

We won’t force you, but we will help you find that determination that you already have. You’re simply lacking in motivation and the power to find it.

Love photography and babies

There shouldn’t be a doubt when you think about this. Do you love seeing things through the lens of your camera? The love photographers have when they see how they manage to capture a still picture of that precious moment; can you find it in you?

Also, what are your takes on babies? Later on the job, you won’t get much choice with the clients you’re going to deal with. Some can be pretty frantic and crazy to deal with while once in a while, you’ll be met with an angelic-like baby that simply smile at everything she sees. Pretty sure you’ve met some during your life, so there’s no need to hesitate in figuring this out.

Ready to tackle the new challenge

Dealing with babies means a lot of restrictions, yet a lot of expectations on your creativity. You have to realize that there a lot of things babies can do and you’re not allowed to take risks since the baby is not able to give you his/her consent. So, you’re pretty stuck with static poses and themes… or is that really the case?

Check out all the unique baby photoshoot Stephen Bruce did here That’s where the challenge lies at. Some parents only care about getting some nice pictures on their babies, while others can be pretty full of expectation to see a totally new and creative picture of their little one.

Ready to clean up the mess!

You definitely should not miss this one. Babies will definitely make messes once you’ve made up your mind to get the job. There’s no telling when they’ll pee or poop when they’re completely naked. There’s no telling when they’ll suddenly cry in the middle of birthday bash because their pants are wet!

You have to be prepared to be quick in dealing with this to prevent the mess from spreading around. That means wet wipes, clean towels and clothes always have to be ready at your disposal. Yep, it’s like temporarily having a baby that is not yours!

Cleaning the props after using them is also a must. You shouldn’t let your next baby client to be seated on a peed blanket or wearing an outfit that a baby threw up in. No, that’s not a good etiquette.

Remain professional

And throughout your life, you need to remain professional at the job. For example, even when the blanket looks perfectly fine and clean, never be too lazy to carry them and put them in the laundry. Don’t be too lazy to always check the stock of your wet wipes and props.

Tackling your first baby photoshoot can make you nervous, but as long as you keep these in mind, you’ll be able to do it like you’ve done it before!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Photographer for Your Asian Wedding

Asia is a highly diversified continent.

asian wedding photography shootThe culture is immensely interesting and colourful. You can never get enough. By extension, Asian weddings are a thing to behold. To be honest, there are just a few things in the world that can stack up to the beauty of an Asian wedding. Traditions are important in Asia and because of the nature of passing them down, weddings are a thing of spectacle, vibrant, resplendent, aesthetically beautiful and full of joy. If you are going to have an Asian wedding, you really want to capture these moments and treasure them forever.

Now you have to choose, between a photographer who specializes in Asian weddings or a generalist, jack-of-all-trades. No doubt, both of them will give you results and honestly, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. However, experience goes a long way.

First off, most Asian weddings are days long. A typical wedding begins with 2 to 3 days of cultural and religious pre-wedding celebration and ceremonies.

Chinese weddings usually last for two days. Indian weddings can be between 3 days to a week. Pakistani weddings also last for about 3 days with lots of customs to observe. Day 1 is “the Mehndi”, day 2 is “the Shaadi” and day 3 is “the Walima”. Unsurprisingly, across the various tribes, you should expect variations.

Point is, you want to capture all these events.

Hiring a specialist who is familiar with most of the events and timeline is as important as your wedding ceremony itself, rather than a regular photographer who might get clumsy along the way. Indian weddings for example are usually long ordeals with little chance of sitting down or taking a rest. Additionally, the whole event will be hectic. So, you will most likely need to hire a specialist photographer dedicated to your wedding event.

On the other hand, Asian wedding photography is a different ball game and photographers might be more expensive to hire. Many of the experienced ones have their works published in magazines and are well known. This will definitely increase their fees. A wedding photographer will generally charge an average of $2500 for 8 hours’ worth of work, depending on the portfolio and added packages. For an Asian photographer who is going to work a number of days, you should expect the fees to nudge up to between $3000 to $4000. Some photographers will calculate a day’s job and charge a certain fee per hour for any other day.

You also want to decide on an estimated number of images you want, since time will be spent going through thousands of pictures. Some photographers factor in the number of guests you are expecting to attend the event. Sukhi Chandi Photography, is a wedding photographer who specializes in Indian/south Asian wedding photography “takes an average of 7,000 to 10,000 images for a full wedding and delivers around 100 images per hour of coverage”. That is a lot but it can be worth it.

Lastly, you should consider distance and location. You will have to pay for travel expenses and accommodation if your photographer stays far away.

What Some Brides Have Learned The Hard Way

A sit down dinner comes at a premium.

Essex wedding photographerYou need to understand that for as far as the per head costing is to be considered, a sit down dinner will turn out to cost you so much more than any other type of meal setup and this is something that you ought to try to take advantage of as much as you possibly can while you are at it. A wedding can be really expensive and although the thought of a sit down dinner is something that sounds posh and something that you tend to veer towards initially, this may cost you so much money somewhere in the long run. This is money that would have been better used for other more pressing concerns and expenses for the wedding. Instead of opting for such a meal setup, you can opt for something a little more practical instead. Full course meals are prone to wastage and they bind you to the costs that come along with them. You will be at an advantage if you make sure that you go for food stations instead. Go for a managed buffet type of thing. This way, you have more than enough food left for vendors such as your wedding photographer Essex and the like.

Local guests’ attendances are more dependable.

If you are banking on the attendance of people from abroad or people coming from other countries, then you will mostly be disappointed and this is something that you ought to prep for as much as possible. You need to understand that it is always so much better for you to bank on the attendance of your guests who are local instead. They can easily apply for leaves from their jobs and make time for you and more than that, they will also be able to attend without ever having to worry about flights and accommodations and so on and so forth. This is what you ought to keep in mind all of the time. lining up your guests for the wedding is not something easy for you to have to make arrangements for and if your main count of wedding guests are local, you have a far better chance of filling up the seats and getting them to show up to the main wedding day in the first place. This way, you will be able to properly give your vendors such as your wedding photographer Essex ( and even your caterers. You will have a more solid quote taken from them.

Renting is cheaper than buying.

Don’t by quick in swiping out that credit card just because you can. You will have a more practical approach to the wedding arrangements if you choose to rent out what you can instead. From the furniture to the vases and the rest of your décor, there is much to spend out for.

Wedding dresses aren’t a scam.

It costs money to buy something high quality. You can be cheap with it but remember the fact that you may yet end up with something sheer or something that looks and feels fairly cheap. Understand what materials are included as well as the kind of manpower and craftsmanship the dress has to offer before you brush it off to the side as something overly expensive.

Tips On Getting The Best Bridal Makeup

Don’t change your skin care regimen.

Sheffield wedding photographerThis is not the time for you to venture into untested waters especially when you don’t really know what the results will turn out to be. Keep working on what you have always been opting for and what has always worked for you and stick to it at all costs. Make it a point to stay comfortably with what you have always stuck to and your skin will turn out to be just fine. Skin is your biggest investment and will turn out to be the biggest investment that you need to make when it all comes down to it. Your Sheffield wedding photographer will have a better chance of making you look great no matter what happens, then you need to make sure that you have great skin to begin with. It will turn out to be your biggest canvas and having this to work with will turn out to make things come out looking so much better in the end of it all. Your skin care regimen should be stable and simple. Focus on the cleanse, tone and moisturize type of routine and your skin will never be better at the end of the day.

Prep your skin properly for the big day.

Don’t wear makeup roughly around a week before the wedding day. This way, you don’t run the risk of clogging up your pores or anything like that. When you have clean and gleaming skin to work with, your makeup artist will not have that hard of a time to apply your makeup on smoothly and you will have an easier prep process somewhere down the road.  Properly prepped skin will work to your every advantage and you can be quite rest assured of the fact that your professional Sheffield wedding photographer will turn out to go ahead and make the most out of this as well. skin can always be Photoshopped but then again, it will save your photographer a lot of time if he doesn’t always have to edit out each and every single frame of the photos that he ends up shooting.

Don’t wax the day before.

Waxing should be done about a week out or even just a few days before the wedding day. You need to know for sure that you really are giving your skin more than enough time to heal itself. This way, you don’t have redness or swelling or both to have to worry about. Another way around this would be for you to go down the painless route and opt for a laser session instead. It is slightly more expensive but it pays for itself in such a way wherein you don’t have to worry about skin irritations or anything like that.

Pack a sufficient emergency kit.

A wedding day emergency kit can save you from the inconveniences and from the discomfort of not having what you need on hand right off the bat. Bring along some stain remover, a lipstick, a compact powder, and anything that you could possibly think of for the day of the main wedding.