Basic Beach Wedding Photography Tips

beach wedding photographyMake use of natural light

Make use of natural light but be careful with having too much exposure. Suffice it to say, natural light in beach wedding photography is kind of a challenge to deal with, at best. Too much natural light will ruin just about any photograph and it will surely ruin yours if you don’t handle it right. Bring a diffuser to balance out the harshness of the light. It would be something worth checking out. You have to keep in mind and always remember the fact that too much of a good thing can actually end up being a bad thing and you don’t want too much of natural light. A word to the wise, what professionals like photographer berkshire usually do when they need to cover beach weddings and when there is too much natural light out is for you to shift the histogram of your camera to the right. Again, remember that little mantra and you should be just fine. If it is too bright, just shift the histogram to the right. It is pretty easy to remember, right?

Take advantage of sunset

Doing a beach wedding photography gig also means that you have the extra advantage of being able to use the sunset to add some sort of pizzazz to the photos that you will be able to capture. The beach and the sunset is probably the best combination out there for as far as photography is concerned and is most definitely something that you should try out if this is something that you have not done so before. The trick there is to more or less capture the silhouettes. Since you cannot capture the facial features of the people you are taking photos of, you will have to resort to making sure that the body gestures are a bit more exaggerated than usual so that it captures the kind of effect that you are aiming for. It will lend the photos a sense of mystique and charm that is just beyond comparable.

Protect your gear by all means

The beach can be mean to photography equipment. Make sure that you do not put your camera directly on the sand. Also go through the added precautions of bringing a lot of zip lock bags so that you can store your accessories and the individual parts of your cameras including batteries and memory cards, and so on and so forth. This will make sure that you are able to protect the gear that you have invested so much money in. store everything separately and seal then all in. If there’s any sand that does make it to your gear, get it cleaned professionally and don’t aggravate things by trying to do things on your own.

Look into all of the elements going on in the beach

There is poetry and action everywhere and this should definitely be something that you should keep in the central focus of your images. Take note of the footprints in the sand, the waves coming in from the sea, the way the breeze made the palm trees danced. If you can include all of those in the images, then you have something for the books.