Do My Photo Booth Need Insurance?

photo booth hireIt’s a big question for photo booth hire providers. What could possibly happen inside your photo booth that you need insurance? At the same time, you cannot dismiss the possibilities that anything can happen, but yet you doubt the chance.

Don’t doubt that. More like, don’t gamble on the fact that there only such a small chance for anything significant to happen inside there.

Injuries and property damages

What could happen in a photo booth? Well, in every party, there’s always alcohol involved (unless you ban it in yours) and guests who want to have fun sometimes have too much fun. Alcohol alone is a sole factor that can cause people to act crazy or even kill each other. While things may not escalate to that level, a simple scratch on their chin after bumping on your photo booth is enough to stir up problems.

At the same time, the man may have bumped and scratched the photo booth. You cannot just rent this to your next client and you need to immediately fix it. Depending on the damages, it may require professional touch for better results.

Property insurance can cover the damage on your photo booth while liability insurance will deal with the medical fee. You only need to file the case and your company will easily deal with it for you. Easy, right? But it won’t be this easy if you have to pay from your pocket directly for the injuries and repair.

Employee’s liability insurance

If your photo booth hire provides a butler or a dedicated employee like, you’re always required to provide them a liability insurance.

A moment’s mistake

There’s no doubt that we are all subject to momentary distraction that can cause us heavy damages. An example of these moments is when we lose the files of the pictures taken on that day due to dropping and losing the memory card. We cannot recover the files and it’s a mistake from our side. The client is definitely going to demand and might file a lawsuit against us.

Professional indemnity insurance can help cover that damage and help you provide the legal and penalty fee to cover it. Professional indemnity insurance is always there whenever a lawsuit is made against our professionalism in delivering our work to our client. On the other side, if you never made a claim for the next couple of years, you will receive appreciation from the company with a reduction of premium while still enjoying the same benefits!

Venue owners

A lot of venue owners today only want to work with insured partners. The only investment they have is their venue, which is always at risk of having something bumped, broken, or damaged. If their partners have insurance, it will help cover the fee and get rid of the hassle of trying to argue with those people.

In fact, if you want to be able to work in most venues, insurance is like something you must have. You don’t want your clients to walk out and find someone else just because your photo booth hire is not insured.