How to Make People Get Surrey Photo Booth Hire from You

Surrey photo booth hireThe latest trend in a wedding is to hire a photo booth to give guests more things to do and memories to bring home. That is probably why you think that it’s a good idea to provide Surrey photo booth hire service. It’s what everyone is asking, so it shouldn’t be hard to find someone who will hire yours.

Well, that’s what you thought. Until you realize that everyone else is also providing the same service.


First, it’s important for you to set a standard of your photo booth. The photo booths that today offer is much better than they were years ago. They are already equipped with the best camera, capturing pictures sharply and provide additional features to make the pictures more fun!

Your photo booth has to be able to do all that and comes with the props as well. No photo booth is complete without the necessary props to make it unique from other pictures that people have probably taken before at the same place. You have to point out to your clients that your photo booth is up to the standard (and better if possible) compared to others.

Offer flexibility

Every couple wants a photo booth hire that is flexible that doesn’t charge them even when it’s not in use. Just like that, allow flexibility by letting the couple decide when they want the photo booth to be opened. You will be sending people to take care of the booth, so have that person open or close the booth per client’s request.

A Surrey photo booth hire that we know is capable to do this is from It really helps the clients to control their budget and only spend when they really need it and on the most crowded hours.

Offer variety

What does your camera offer? Some booths allow various stickers to be added into the pictures to make them look funny and crazy. Many photo booths offer similar stickers, but it’s also important to offer something different for yours. Don’t only try doing what others have been doing, but also show something different than others don’t have, yet. Make the trend.

Variety can also be seen from the props that you have. Rent the props with the booth and you can set different tiers of props for the clients to rent from. The more props they choose, the more expensive it is.

Work with a photography business

Do you have a photography business? It’s the best partner to have with your Surrey photo booth hire service because clients don’t want the hassle to hire from separate providers. If you offer similar things and prices at the similar price, they will definitely choose you over others. A wedding photographer can also market your service to their clients.

Convince people that when they hire photographers, they want to get a lot of pictures out of that day. This photo booth is going to add up to that and allow them to keep even more memories of the day. There is something more than just entertaining the guests for the couple, and this will convince people.