Is a Documentary Wedding Photographer The Best Option?

documentary wedding photographerYou are getting married, and you definitely want to make sure that your wedding photos are perfect. For sure, you are torn between traditional wedding style photography and documentary wedding photography. Depending on your taste, you can choose one, but if you really think about it, your wedding is all about you and your fiancé, it is a wedding that never happened before, and you will want to capture it as it is, and not have photos that look the same as other traditional wedding photos in the world.

A documentary wedding photographer can capture real moments that are not staged, and provide you with photographs that will overwhelm you with so much pride and joy. After all, real emotions are timeless, and when captured in camera, they become priceless mementos that you will cherish in your heart forever.

Memories of how you felt

Years after the wedding, you will look at your wedding photos and be transported back to that special day. When you look at a photo, you will remember how it felt when that moment happened, and not how the photographer gives instructions for you on what to do. It is important to be at ease, and not worry about posing for the cameras all day. Your documentary wedding photographer can skillfully create photographs that tell a story of the bond you have with your fiancé, family and friends. The documentary wedding photos will allow the next generation to see a sense of true emotions and genuine interactions during your wedding.

See things you were not aware of

There will be hundreds of moments in your wedding day that you cannot see. Hidden interactions of raw emotions that your guests have that your documentary wedding photographer can seize for you and record for you to see after the wedding. Priceless photos of genuine expressive moments from all the loving people around you can be shown in elegant candid photos. Documentary wedding photography is definitely the best option for your wedding day, because you get to watch your own wedding day story unfold before your eyes. You get to see a beautiful, emotional journey that you, your beloved, and all your family and friends took on the day you say “I Do”.

Raw emotions are priceless

People look natural and beautiful when they have no idea they are being photographed, and their real personalities come into play. When people realize that their pictures are being taken, they change into what they perceive as the best look to capture, and that will look staged and unnatural. Your documentary wedding photographer will make sure to blend in with the crowd, taking amazing pictures filled with raw emotions, and provide you with fresh, unique, and exquisite documentary photos. The happy glaze in your eyes, the secret smiles you have for you’re the one person in the world you chose to marry, the way you both communicate with your eyes, all that can be perfectly captured by Catherine Pound Photography and you will have gorgeous wedding photographs that will leave a lump in your throat and tears flowing.