Learning Portrait Photography: How to Start

portrait photographyLearning portrait photography may seem really simple. Most people often had mistaken it for a selfie. You reach out, put your camera slash phone at an arm’s length, take a shot, adjust some filters and you think that’s it. Now what you need to understand is that there are plenty of different tips available out there. You read about them every day and practically everywhere. I don’t know if you seriously realize this but there is a whole different set of challenges that come up with portrait photography.

You’d think that if you had a decent DSLR that’s pretty much it. Sure, starting off with a good camera is always a good way to go about it. However, it really is quite challenging to capture portraits of people as easily as you would like to be able to as much as you want to. There is a whole world of difference between professionally shot and amateur portraits. It all lies in the itty bitty technical details –details that the average non-photography person would probably never really digest but will notice enough in the photos once the final product has come up.

Lens choice is everything

One of the best things that you can invest in to improve your portrait photography skills is a telephoto lens. It is the best way for you to get to capture a really narrow view angle. The concept is to have a more accurate focus on the subject and sort of blur out the rest of the background. It produces a feathery and almost romantic effect that looks really gorgeous if executed properly in portraits.

Be creative when coming up with your compositions

Experiment with the way that you position your subject. Play around with different kinds of angles and different backgrounds. Tilt the camera a little. Play around with filters. Experiment with an editing software. The options are seemingly endless and they are only limited to the amount of creativity that you have or are willing to cultivate. You can learn a lot about this through a photography training.

Take advantage of natural light

There is something about natural light that plays up on the features of your subjects when used strategically. The facial profiles usually become more profound and more highlighted. Harsh lighting tends to wash out the facial features of the subject and that’s why you should seriously opt for a more natural lighting whenever you are shooting portraits.

Also, feel free to play around with your DIY photography hacks

There are tons of DIY hacks available out there, online, specifically speaking. And the best thing about it is that it won’t cost you a pretty penny. You may even be able to make then out of some household items that you may already have. It can be anything from filters to whatever!

Basically, there is no black and white to learning portrait photography and the secret there is for you to be able to readily explore your creativity. One good last note would be for you to at least invest in a tripod or so as well. This is to help keep the balance steady for you and just minimize camera shake which will help a lot when it comes to avoiding image blur.