Why I Love My Thinktank Airport 2 Carry-on Camera Bag

think tank camera bagI think I’m speaking for the masses here when I say that professional photographers in general have one ultimate problem that seems to have spanned out over the years and regardless of what kind of professional photographer you are: there just doesn’t seem to be one main solution for our carriage problems. We almost always need more space. This can prove to be a burden particularly for professional photographers who travel a lot and have a lot of carrying and hauling to do. After all, you need different kinds and cameras and lenses in order to capture a healthy dose of variety and perspective in the shots you take.

I consider myself as a really light packer but when it comes to equipment I bring along especially during professional business trips, I just can’t compromise. I need all the necessary gear with me; which leads us to the core problem. I almost always carry too many camera bags with me. This can be a bit of a hassle when I’m in a really busy airport and trying not to miss my flight. My equipment is precious and almost second nature to me which is why it’s really important for me to keep everything all in one package and not having them go all over the place.

Trying out my first carry-on camera bag

When I first tried my Thinktank Airport 2 Carry-on Camera Bag, I was absolutely over the moon over its no-nonsense utilitarian design and the sheer simplicity of it all. The dimensions are specially made for airport carriage which explains the 14”x22”x9” standard measurement. This means that it fits quite fine in the overhead cabin which makes it a really good candidate for hand carry luggage. This works out well because why on earth would you ever check in your precious professional cameras, right?

I also love the fact that the bag has multiple padded compartments which makes it easy for me to put in the separate components of my camera without fear of having anything damaged due to the occasional bump or rough landing. They’re all organized and neat, which really appeals to my at times perfectionist nature.

I love the fact that they went through the trouble of securing a cable and lock for laptop carriage. Being a photographer, the trusty old laptop will have to come along because it makes it possible for me to put in the last magical finishing touches to truly make my pictures noteworthy.

Apparently, the bag is also designed to withstand rough weather. How much more sensible can it get? Sometimes, photographers get whisked off to exotic locations, either desserts, or beaches, or rainforests. I am rest assured in the knowledge that my camera bag water resistant and yes; even the seams are all covered up! The wheels are replaceable too. Talk about value and practicality!

There’s also a special place for my little bits and bobs such as cables, memory cards, batteries, and so on in the strategically placed front pocket organizer. I don’t have to empty the entire bag to find my little bits and pieces!

My Favorite Feature is…

But my favorite feature in it all is the security cable and combination lock. And get this; the security cable lets you tie your back securely to something stable and secure – like an immovable post, or a concrete pillar in the airport. Not all airports in the world are safe but I am consoled by the fact that my Thinktank Airport 2 Carry-on Camera Bag is always there to make me feel assured.