Everything You Need Know Before Booking a Lifestyle Session

Orange County newborn photographerWhat’s a lifestyle newborn session? Aside from the fact that it’s not done at the studio, you probably have next to nothing you know about preparing for the session. Here are the things that you know will prove useful when you book for one with your Orange County newborn photographer.

Where will it be done?

Ask your photographer where the best place to have the lifestyle carried out. If you want it to be your home, you can ask this and have the photographer consider the possibility. Several factors have to consider, like if the natural light or the ambiance of the house if good enough.

If it’s not, you can consider using someone’s house temporary to have the pictures taken. Don’t eliminate the chances of shooting outdoor! It’s a completely safe thing to do, so long as the baby is properly wrapped and the weather isn’t too windy or cold.

Get a professional in the field

Don’t let just anyone try to take your newborn pictures. Unless that person has years of necessary experience as a photographer, you might be disappointed at your pictures. There are a lot of things that beginners don’t know about newborns and taking their pictures. Stuff like how to keep the baby in place and what kind of pose isn’t healthy for them.

If you are in need of someone that is really professional and knowledgeable, this Orange County newborn photographer, gilmorestudios.com, would be our recommendation.

This professional can do more than just taking pictures. He can assess the home and knows the kind of poses babies will be most comfortable with. There’s also the factor that each home has different family members in the different layout of the house. That calls for quick creativity to get everyone in the frame.

Prepare before your delivery

Post-labor times can be tiring and you need all the time you can get to rest and take care of your baby. It’s best that you can clean up the house before your delivery is due. You will have to immediately arrange for the session after your delivery. That’s why cleaning up is better done before the delivery.

If it’s tiring for you, always remember that there are people willing to help you. It can be your husband, friends or other family members. You are the one who needs most rest during this time. Clean up the rooms that your photographer has already mentioned will be used.

Photographer will scout

After booking, your photographer will set up a time to come to your home to scout for the location. If it’s good enough, he’ll point parts of the house that will be used. Usually, these places are naturally bright-lit locations, like under the window or around glass doors. It’s because the best light for newborn babies is natural ones.

Both of you can discuss of the possibility of going outdoor to take pictures at the backyard. If the weather allows, your Orange County newborn photographer would be happy to comply. Don’t forget to include all family members, such as your pet cats or dogs.

This guide can hopefully give you a clearer image and help you prepare for a lifestyle session.