Savvy Wedding Photography Business Tips

wedding photography tipsMost people in the wedding photography industry will probably rate themselves quite high in the technical and photographic side of things but when it goes right down to business, most of them just aren’t as confident. The thing is, photographers really are artists by heart and they cannot be blamed if the primary focus is in their craft and how to continually improve it. If you would like to have any chance of making it in this highly competitive niche of wedding photography though, you would need to get all of your ducks in a row and prepare for a few business tricks because you’re seriously going to need it. We came up with a few business tips to help out the struggling photographer.

Make a business plan

Most people would just go in head first and “figure it all out later”. As you may know, this is an extremely bad idea especially when huge amounts of money involved. Before you take out that life savings or that hefty bank loan, take the time to actually sit down first and map our your plan. It pays when you put pen to paper because it makes the whole thing much more tangible and easy to wrap your head around. Decide on what style of quirky wedding photography you will be specializing in. What will your packages include and what are the tiered prices for them? How much will you be spending on gear and accessories? How much will professional editing software cost you? How do you plan to acquire clients and what will your basic pitch be? You have to get all these info figured out first before you even start.

Set up your portfolio

If by any chance you were able to get through the first hurdle of making a business plan, the next step would be for you to set up your portfolio. A portfolio is like a photographer’s resume so make sure that you collate any projects you have done in the past, even those that were not paid projects. Remember that you should only bring in the best of your works. If you somehow find the quality mediocre or sub-standard or not as usually good as your other finished products, do not put it up. Remember that you are putting your best foot forward here. Also take the time to update it every now and then with your most recent works.

Prepare business cards

Have a nice business card printed out and keep then clean and crisp and bring then along with you all the time. Don’t you just hate it when you attend an event and happen to meet people whom you might be able to do business with and all you have is an old dog eared business card that has been lounging around battered and creased in your wallet for the longest time? Keep your ammunition stocked and be ready at all times. It pays to be professional. Hand them out to people you strike interesting conversations with. Give them out to fellow colleagues in the wedding industry in mutual events you cover. Do not scrimp out in giving them out. It’s practically free publicity already.

Tips to Boost Your Photography Business

photography businessPhotography is a blessed art that allows its artists to flourish and thrive all throughout the entire process. You will probably be amenable to the statement that if there is any right time to make a living out of photography, the right and perfect time for it is probably right now. There are so many different things and angles and niches to explore in the photography industry and the crème de la crème of all of those is the wedding photography niche. Make no mistake, the rest of the other niches in photography don’t come in any less, they pay quite handsomely as well and if done right, it can be something that you can wrestle yourself into and live out your passions and dreams while earning some major bucks in the process.

It all starts out quite the same really. You take photography as a new found hobby and practice it every day. Over the course of time, after probably some classes and seminars taken and tons of self help videos and blogs, you notice that you have improved dramatically and your friends and family and even a bunch of other people you don’t know very much start following your works and portfolio online. Then one day, it dawns upon you, you can seriously do it for a living. You can be as good as this wedding photographer north wales. You’re talented enough to be able to pull it off and you’ve already started investing in the right kind of gear. Why not, right?

Well, making a business out of your passion, particularly something that you can be potentially good with, is not a bad idea at all. Here are a few tips to help boost your photography business if you’re contemplating on starting one or are still in the process of working it out:

  1. Work tirelessly on your portfolio

You can’t just make a pitch to prospective clients and not have a portfolio of any kind to show to them to prove that you’re actually any good, can you? This is why it is important for to gain experience and to take on projects seriously and with laser like focus – no matter how big or small they may be. If you really are just starting out, stage a personal project with your friends and family who will gladly do it for you for free. Chances are, all you had to do was ask and you never mustered up the courage until now.

  1. Actively participate on social media

You’re probably using social media for your personal accounts but once you’re starting out with your business, you should make up accounts for that too. After all, studies show that 75% of effective consumer marketing is actually conducted through social media. Make your presence known. Update dutifully, start off with weekly updates then build on from there. Reply to comments and suggestions and answer any inquiries as promptly as you possibly can. It will blow your mind how many business entrepreneurs gain clients through social media every day. It’s a gold mine people have been tapping into and the good news is that it never runs out. The more you cultivate your social media presence, the more traction you get towards getting actual prospective clients in the future.

Techniques in Starting a Photography Business  

photography businessSo you’re a photographer who’s just starting out. You’ve been posting your outputs on social media and you’ve been getting comments and applause from your friends, family, and possibly current followers. You start to build your confidence and seriously think that this is something that you could eventually do in the long run. And poof, you come up with a brilliant idea and you begin your journey towards starting a photography business.

You’re right, cashing in on your passion and melding it into a profession as well is a really brilliant idea. However, you’re not alone in this. A lot of people have thought about that too. As a matter of fact, photography is one of the most popular professions right now, on top of it just being a hobby. That is a bit of a problem for you. It means that the sandbox is getting a little too crowded. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that camera gear is becoming more and more affordable and more user friendly. In turn, anyone who owns a fancy looking camera can fancy himself as a photographer.

That issue does not mean that you can forget about your dreams and your ambitions though. It only means that if you ever have plans of pursuing this in the long run, you just have to push some more and work really hard on this. Here are a few techniques to help you out while you are just getting started:


This is first and foremost, a business plan of sorts so you have to be prepared and actually research it appropriately. Don’t feel weird about grabbing a pen, having a good sit down and actually putting your thoughts on paper. Keep in mind that photography is a particularly competitive niche and thus, you have to strategize how you will be able to keep your edge, and more so, how you will be able to plan things out. You gave to consider finances, expenses, and even your gear purchasing should be kept in mind as well.

Get your experience

You can’t just dive into the waters without testing them. Before you decide to do this professionally, you need to actually get your feet wet first. Try assisting other professional and more established photographers. It always helps because you get added thoughts coming from a different perspective where you are not completely in control, but rather, just assisting in the process.

Invest in multiple cameras

You can’t survive with just one camera; you have to trust the pros on this. As a starter, you need a minimum of two. Ideally, you’re going to need one camera with a telephoto lens for when you take your portraits and another one with a wide angle lens for when you take the crowded group pictures. You’re gonna need more eventually but this is a pretty good place to start.

Work on your website

Invest and work diligently on your website and update your blog religiously. Not only are you updating your digital portfolio as well, you are basically setting your resume out there for all the world to see and for potential clients to be able to view your works before they eventually book you.