Tips for Great Headshot Photography

headshot photographer ReadingHeadshot photography from a distance looks easy. In fact, rather ironically, as a demanding field of photography, beginners don’t need to have a lot of equipment, save a good camera and a few other things.

To be honest, taking a headshot is not as easy as it looks. When made conscious of a camera pointed at them, people generally tend to get really fidgety and a lot more aware of their looks and positions. Many great photographs were taken with the individual caught unawares.

The professional headshot photographer Reading has the responsibility of ensuring that the images shot are well taken and edited. So, they have to be taken with precision and have to represent a calm and confident client. This is why it takes much patience, skill and bonding, to arrive at a beautiful headshot.

Surprisingly, great headshots require more than skill or equipment. There are a few things even professionals tend to overlook that greatly impact the quality of the headshots.

So, we advise a few things clients should do on their part to bring out our best work yet:

  • Bond, Talk, Even When Taking Pictures

We cannot overemphasize the importance of a having conversations with the client. First off, it helps to calm the client and gets to establish a relationship between both of you. Secondly, it helps the photographer figure out what the photographs will be used for exactly. In a conversation, the headshot photographer Readinggets to know what you do, and how the pictures should represent you.

When taking pictures too, engage in a conversation with your client. This helps greatly in reducing tension, and you will have varieties of images to choose from at the end of the day.

  • Be Aware of What Your Client Wears

No pun intended. This is very important. Have it at the back of your mind that you aren’t taking pictures of your client’s face only. A good part of their clothes will appear in the pictures too. There is a sense of formality associated with headshots.

There are general rules that need to be followed. No graphic logo tee-shirts or similar clothes with funny slogans. Clothes should be formal – a shirt and blazer for men, or dresses for women. Be wary of colours and tone. Many times, the photos will be converted to black and white, and the outcome might not be so great due to many contradicting colours.

  • Positioning

In taking headshots, poses are quite limited. You are majorly focussed on the upper bust (and sometimes, down to the waist) and there is a limit to the creativity you can put in. The reason for this is that headshots are meant to portray the client as confident, calm and in control. It is easy to get carried away and lose focus of what you want to achieve.

But you can play around with a few poses that require a slight turn of the head and shoulders. Angles are equally important. Make sure you take pictures at angles not below the client’s face. You should check out headshot photographer Reading for examples of this.