The Official Survival Guide For Wedding Photographers

wedding photography guideGet the right kind of experience before getting clients.

Wedding photographers in general would need to have a more or less extensive enough list of experiences before you actually start taking on clients. This can prove to be way harder than you would initially think it is. Look for a professional wedding photographer that you can offer your assistance to and help out when he covers his own wedding photography gigs. You will get to have some hands on tutelage and some real world experience from someone who has been there and done that and pretty much really knows what he is doing. Wedding photographers also usually cover the weddings of friends and family for free when they are starting out just to gain some experience and to sort of get their feet wet before they start jumping first head in.

Bring more than enough memory cards and batteries that you could ever need.

It is always better to bring far more than you could ever need than run short when you are in the middle of a wedding coverage. Things have really turned around quite well over the years. You don’t have to lug film rolls around and be constrained in the amount of limited film rolls. Right now, your memory space is pretty much limited to the amount of memory cards you bring in and that are always a great thing. Wedding photographers like this essex wedding photographer would never allow to be caught in a situation where they end up running out of batteries or memory cards, or both. And honestly, you should not allow yourself to run out of either.

Bring two basic lenses for the majority of your wedding coverage shots.

Wedding photographers need two basic lenses. You need one wide angle lens for capturing panoramic shots, architectural designs, and even group photos where you need to fit in a huge number of people. You will also need one telephoto lens that will enable you to more or less take interesting close-ups without being really close to the people you are taking photos of. You can take it from a comfortable enough distance and you do not have to compromise the photo quality or resolution at all.

Invest in a high quality camera bag that is strong and protective enough to get your gear together.

You need something that is padded or cushioned enough to protect the individual parts and accessories of your camera from break when handled roughly. Your gear is your most important investment and should be something that you should prioritize above all else. This will also help you out a lot when you’re travelling or on the move.

Create a blog and set up your portfolio.

Work at it routinely and religiously. A blog can tremendously help you improve your online presence whereas a portfolio will showcase the best of your works and can really be handy if prospective clients want something that they can check out or review before they actually sign a contract and hire you.

Get a basic tripod to stabilize your shots.

A tripod immensely minimizes blurs because it decreases camera shake brought on by the clicking of the shutters.

How To Film Natural Looking Wedding Photography Pictures

  1. wedding photography tipsUse as much natural light as possible.

Natural light tends to make profiles come off as softer and much less contrived. If this is the kind of look that you are going for in your wedding photography project, then natural light is your best friend. Although that may be the case though, balance is still everything. If you are filming outdoors and there is an over abundance of natural light, try your best to shoot in the shade. If you are filming in enclosed spaces that tend to get dark and it is absolutely needed for you to use flash, bring a reflector along, just to balance out the light and dark elements. This takes a little bit of practice but definitely something that you will be able to easily wrap your head around after a few shots, if you pay attention.

2. Encourage your subjects to smile or to have a good time.

People who look light hearted and happy photograph considerably better compared to people who look bored or pissed or just downright not having the time of their lives. This is something that you cannot really force on people but something that you can encourage passively. Smile at them and exude that friendly vibe ahead of time. Our yorkshire wedding photographer always does this. You may not know this but people in general tend to catch on to other people’s expressions and moods pretty quickly. If they see that you are happy to see them and to be there to cover the wedding, you’ll get a higher chance of getting happier looking subjects in your photos.

3. Encourage groups to come together and to get rid of any physical gaps they may have in between.

Group pictures are not easy to take. For one, you need to have a special wide angle lens fitted on your camera for it. Then, there are other factors for you to think about such as the positioning and more importantly, the gap in between people. Gaps tend to make groups look divided and nonchalant to other people in the cluster. Have them close to each other and even encourage them to lightly touch the back or shoulders of the person next to them and that should do the trick.

4. Try to be unobtrusive and quiet during the event itself.

Wedding photography is all about being able to professionally spectate the event while having the photos to show for it. People tend to get a bit self conscious when photographers make their presence a little too obvious and pronounced. Try to work stealthily in the background; don’t use the flash if it’s not absolutely required. You will get a better chance of getting natural looking photos when people aren’t too daunted by your presence.

5. Talk to the people you photograph.

They may be your subjects in the photos but they’re still people and people in general appreciate interaction and conversation. Talk to them and make it flow naturally. You don’t have to be too stiff and serious in the job. Just make sure that you are polite and friendly enough to make people feel like being photographed is not a chore.

Savvy Wedding Photography Business Tips

wedding photography tipsMost people in the wedding photography industry will probably rate themselves quite high in the technical and photographic side of things but when it goes right down to business, most of them just aren’t as confident. The thing is, photographers really are artists by heart and they cannot be blamed if the primary focus is in their craft and how to continually improve it. If you would like to have any chance of making it in this highly competitive niche of wedding photography though, you would need to get all of your ducks in a row and prepare for a few business tricks because you’re seriously going to need it. We came up with a few business tips to help out the struggling photographer.

Make a business plan

Most people would just go in head first and “figure it all out later”. As you may know, this is an extremely bad idea especially when huge amounts of money involved. Before you take out that life savings or that hefty bank loan, take the time to actually sit down first and map our your plan. It pays when you put pen to paper because it makes the whole thing much more tangible and easy to wrap your head around. Decide on what style of quirky wedding photography you will be specializing in. What will your packages include and what are the tiered prices for them? How much will you be spending on gear and accessories? How much will professional editing software cost you? How do you plan to acquire clients and what will your basic pitch be? You have to get all these info figured out first before you even start.

Set up your portfolio

If by any chance you were able to get through the first hurdle of making a business plan, the next step would be for you to set up your portfolio. A portfolio is like a photographer’s resume so make sure that you collate any projects you have done in the past, even those that were not paid projects. Remember that you should only bring in the best of your works. If you somehow find the quality mediocre or sub-standard or not as usually good as your other finished products, do not put it up. Remember that you are putting your best foot forward here. Also take the time to update it every now and then with your most recent works.

Prepare business cards

Have a nice business card printed out and keep then clean and crisp and bring then along with you all the time. Don’t you just hate it when you attend an event and happen to meet people whom you might be able to do business with and all you have is an old dog eared business card that has been lounging around battered and creased in your wallet for the longest time? Keep your ammunition stocked and be ready at all times. It pays to be professional. Hand them out to people you strike interesting conversations with. Give them out to fellow colleagues in the wedding industry in mutual events you cover. Do not scrimp out in giving them out. It’s practically free publicity already.

Looking Into Alternative Wedding Photography

wedding photographyWeddings are important events in people’s lives. More often than not, they are also expensive, if not the most expensive events in people’s lives. Some people save for a long time just for them to bring their dream wedding visions into reality and why not; after all, it’s a once in a lifetime event. That’s where a lot of people are having an issue with – the cost. In all seriousness and looking into the practicality of it all, it is really necessary? The wedding photography section of the costs in particular can amount to a small king’s ransom if the bride and groom are not willing to shop around and check out some other alternative options that may already be readily available for them but just have not gotten into analytically looking into them or looking for them.

Alternative wedding photography options may sound kind of scary at first. “Why risk it?” some people might ask. It is an event that should be remembered several years down the road, an entire lifetime down the road, for that matter. Why risk it and why attempt to cut the costs on it? The thing is, the risks can always be mitigated. It is all about finding all of the right options that will not put the quality of the service in jeopardy.

Price and Quality

Professional wedding photographers with established names in the industry come with a high price, there is just no way around it. The price comes along with the reputation of how good the quality of their works is. When it all comes down to it though, couples are more likely paying more for the established name and reputation more than anything else. This is the right time to get smart and at least consider the options.

Formal training

Couples may go for photography students who haven’t really made their marks yet in the business world of photography. It is a no-brainer that they are quite talented and some may have even apprenticed for a famous professional photographer or two. They also charge quite low and haggling is open game. After all, they’re just students. They have had the formal training and staying with the course means that they would have to stick to a strict scheduled curriculum and more often than not, they are probably more technical than the others out there just for the mere fact that they are still actively involved with the academe.

Call in a favor

Another alternative option would be to call in a favor from a photographer friend. This may sound kind of opportunistic but if you’re really good friends with a talented photographer, amateur or professional; there is no reason why you can’t call in a favor which you can repay in the form of a nice token of appreciation or a fraction of what it would have caused you to hire an actual legitimate professional photographer.

The downside in all this is that you cannot absolutely ensure the quality of the finished photos nor are you in any position to whine or make demands if the results do not turn out just as what you have expected them to be. But hey, this is life and life is all about compromises, right?

Why A Beach Location Makes Sense for Gorgeous Wedding Photography

beach weddingA wedding is always beautiful and romantic. It awakes in people a sense of intimacy and wonder and a sort of giddy excitement for the upcoming journey. Wedding photography is one of the best ways to be able to capture this moment and make it timeless. Venues and locations are everything and if a future bride and groom are seriously considering a romantic location, the beach would be the best bet. Nothing can seem to compare to the sun, the sand, the smell of salt in the air, the breeze… there are just so many elements in a beach locale that contribute to a really awesome wedding location.

Not costly

As opposed to what other people would probably think right off of the bat, a beach wedding location may not be the most expensive option available out there. Yes, it requires a certain amount of time to prepare for permits and licenses to get the legalities well and out of the way but when you compare it to the usual traditional expenses that come along with a church wedding, you will be extremely surprised at how the costs compare next to each other. Just for you to get a quick idea wraparound, a church wedding alone costs about $20,000 minimum for the venue. You will have to pay for the reception, the food, and pretty much everything else on top of that. Licenses and permits in an exotic country abroad usually sums up to about $5,000 maximum.

A lot of photo opportunities

Aside from that, a beach wedding location brings in a lot of photo opportunities and they can all be in one package from the engagement event, to the actual wedding, to the reception and even all the way up to the honeymoon. There is also a lot of natural light readily available and means that the photo profiles that the images will be getting will be really crisp and clear if done accurately.

Keep guest list short

Having a wedding location in an exotic location also tends to mean that only the actual wedding guests who matter will go through the whole trouble of going halfway across the board for you. This means that you get to keep your guest list short and small which also means that you will be able to pretty much minimize all of your costs and make enough room for you to be able to spend more money on the other things that matter the most such as hiring a really great but sometimes high-costing Suffolk wedding photographer to document your wedding for you.

The thing is, if done right and with the right kind of expertise and technical knowledge and manipulation, a beach wedding location is one the most perfect places for wedding photography and you are almost always guaranteed some amazing pictures and backdrops that you just won’t be able to take anywhere else in the world. When it all comes down to it, it’s all in what makes your concept and location unique and that’s always something that people will be able to bank on one way or another.

Learning Portrait Photography: How to Start

portrait photographyLearning portrait photography may seem really simple. Most people often had mistaken it for a selfie. You reach out, put your camera slash phone at an arm’s length, take a shot, adjust some filters and you think that’s it. Now what you need to understand is that there are plenty of different tips available out there. You read about them every day and practically everywhere. I don’t know if you seriously realize this but there is a whole different set of challenges that come up with portrait photography.

You’d think that if you had a decent DSLR that’s pretty much it. Sure, starting off with a good camera is always a good way to go about it. However, it really is quite challenging to capture portraits of people as easily as you would like to be able to as much as you want to. There is a whole world of difference between professionally shot and amateur portraits. It all lies in the itty bitty technical details –details that the average non-photography person would probably never really digest but will notice enough in the photos once the final product has come up.

Lens choice is everything

One of the best things that you can invest in to improve your portrait photography skills is a telephoto lens. It is the best way for you to get to capture a really narrow view angle. The concept is to have a more accurate focus on the subject and sort of blur out the rest of the background. It produces a feathery and almost romantic effect that looks really gorgeous if executed properly in portraits.

Be creative when coming up with your compositions

Experiment with the way that you position your subject. Play around with different kinds of angles and different backgrounds. Tilt the camera a little. Play around with filters. Experiment with an editing software. The options are seemingly endless and they are only limited to the amount of creativity that you have or are willing to cultivate. You can learn a lot about this through a photography training.

Take advantage of natural light

There is something about natural light that plays up on the features of your subjects when used strategically. The facial profiles usually become more profound and more highlighted. Harsh lighting tends to wash out the facial features of the subject and that’s why you should seriously opt for a more natural lighting whenever you are shooting portraits.

Also, feel free to play around with your DIY photography hacks

There are tons of DIY hacks available out there, online, specifically speaking. And the best thing about it is that it won’t cost you a pretty penny. You may even be able to make then out of some household items that you may already have. It can be anything from filters to whatever!

Basically, there is no black and white to learning portrait photography and the secret there is for you to be able to readily explore your creativity. One good last note would be for you to at least invest in a tripod or so as well. This is to help keep the balance steady for you and just minimize camera shake which will help a lot when it comes to avoiding image blur.

Old School Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsSome people may argue but I think I’m really coming from something real when I say that wedding photography is probably one of the most stressful types of photography out there. There’s just so many things to do and even more to analyze and strategize ahead of time for a photographer to be able to really pull things off and satisfy the clients at the same time. For one, you only get one chance. If, by the off chance that you make a boo-boo and mess something up, you can’t just go back and re-shoot it. Chances are, that moment is already gone forever so it’s absolutely crucial that you are able to do everything right. People are relying on you when they entrusted the incredibly challenging yet honorable task of shooting their wedding. As a matter of fact, it’s not just them. Even their families and friends are relying on you.

Here are a few old school wedding photography tips to help get you started. They may be old but they’re also tried and tested to really work.

Manage expectations accordingly

Make sure that you are thorough in terms of discussing the terms with your clients.  You know that old saying about “under-promising and over-delivering”? It works every time. Of course, just because you under promised doesn’t mean you can slack off; you have to pull off the over-delivering part to. This is to ensure that your reputation will be protected accordingly and you will also get to minimize any disappointments on the clients’ side when all’s said and done.

Make it legal

It means that you should go through the troubles of actually getting your liabilities covered. Draft up a letter of agreement and keep it as simple and concise as much as possible. Put up a waiver of sorts in fine print. This is particularly important if you’re just beginning to delve into wedding photography. You have to understand that weddings are emotional events and some people may have the tendency to run with their emotions or be dramatic in case something goes wrong. Making sure you don’t get sued is crucial to surviving in the industry.

You need to be extremely skilled in exposure and lighting

You need to scout the locations ahead of time and take sample pictures. This may, you are well aware of the settings that you need to get to in order for you to be able to take the perfect pictures. Bad exposure pictures have no place for wedding photography; it’s just not right to use that ill excuse to a bride and groom who obviously trusted you enough to cover their event.

Always prepare for contingencies

Make sure you have a backup plan for everything. Luckily, for you, we’re already in the digital age and unless you’re shooting in film; for as long as you have a good stash of memory cards, you should have your storage options down pat. Also make sure that you have extra batteries and flashes for when things run out, your shooting progress comes to a grinding halt so it’s absolutely crucial that you prepare for the worst.