How To Film Natural Looking Wedding Photography Pictures

  1. wedding photography tipsUse as much natural light as possible.

Natural light tends to make profiles come off as softer and much less contrived. If this is the kind of look that you are going for in your wedding photography project, then natural light is your best friend. Although that may be the case though, balance is still everything. If you are filming outdoors and there is an over abundance of natural light, try your best to shoot in the shade. If you are filming in enclosed spaces that tend to get dark and it is absolutely needed for you to use flash, bring a reflector along, just to balance out the light and dark elements. This takes a little bit of practice but definitely something that you will be able to easily wrap your head around after a few shots, if you pay attention.

2. Encourage your subjects to smile or to have a good time.

People who look light hearted and happy photograph considerably better compared to people who look bored or pissed or just downright not having the time of their lives. This is something that you cannot really force on people but something that you can encourage passively. Smile at them and exude that friendly vibe ahead of time. Our yorkshire wedding photographer always does this. You may not know this but people in general tend to catch on to other people’s expressions and moods pretty quickly. If they see that you are happy to see them and to be there to cover the wedding, you’ll get a higher chance of getting happier looking subjects in your photos.

3. Encourage groups to come together and to get rid of any physical gaps they may have in between.

Group pictures are not easy to take. For one, you need to have a special wide angle lens fitted on your camera for it. Then, there are other factors for you to think about such as the positioning and more importantly, the gap in between people. Gaps tend to make groups look divided and nonchalant to other people in the cluster. Have them close to each other and even encourage them to lightly touch the back or shoulders of the person next to them and that should do the trick.

4. Try to be unobtrusive and quiet during the event itself.

Wedding photography is all about being able to professionally spectate the event while having the photos to show for it. People tend to get a bit self conscious when photographers make their presence a little too obvious and pronounced. Try to work stealthily in the background; don’t use the flash if it’s not absolutely required. You will get a better chance of getting natural looking photos when people aren’t too daunted by your presence.

5. Talk to the people you photograph.

They may be your subjects in the photos but they’re still people and people in general appreciate interaction and conversation. Talk to them and make it flow naturally. You don’t have to be too stiff and serious in the job. Just make sure that you are polite and friendly enough to make people feel like being photographed is not a chore.

Old School Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsSome people may argue but I think I’m really coming from something real when I say that wedding photography is probably one of the most stressful types of photography out there. There’s just so many things to do and even more to analyze and strategize ahead of time for a photographer to be able to really pull things off and satisfy the clients at the same time. For one, you only get one chance. If, by the off chance that you make a boo-boo and mess something up, you can’t just go back and re-shoot it. Chances are, that moment is already gone forever so it’s absolutely crucial that you are able to do everything right. People are relying on you when they entrusted the incredibly challenging yet honorable task of shooting their wedding. As a matter of fact, it’s not just them. Even their families and friends are relying on you.

Here are a few old school wedding photography tips to help get you started. They may be old but they’re also tried and tested to really work.

Manage expectations accordingly

Make sure that you are thorough in terms of discussing the terms with your clients.  You know that old saying about “under-promising and over-delivering”? It works every time. Of course, just because you under promised doesn’t mean you can slack off; you have to pull off the over-delivering part to. This is to ensure that your reputation will be protected accordingly and you will also get to minimize any disappointments on the clients’ side when all’s said and done.

Make it legal

It means that you should go through the troubles of actually getting your liabilities covered. Draft up a letter of agreement and keep it as simple and concise as much as possible. Put up a waiver of sorts in fine print. This is particularly important if you’re just beginning to delve into wedding photography. You have to understand that weddings are emotional events and some people may have the tendency to run with their emotions or be dramatic in case something goes wrong. Making sure you don’t get sued is crucial to surviving in the industry.

You need to be extremely skilled in exposure and lighting

You need to scout the locations ahead of time and take sample pictures. This may, you are well aware of the settings that you need to get to in order for you to be able to take the perfect pictures. Bad exposure pictures have no place for wedding photography; it’s just not right to use that ill excuse to a bride and groom who obviously trusted you enough to cover their event.

Always prepare for contingencies

Make sure you have a backup plan for everything. Luckily, for you, we’re already in the digital age and unless you’re shooting in film; for as long as you have a good stash of memory cards, you should have your storage options down pat. Also make sure that you have extra batteries and flashes for when things run out, your shooting progress comes to a grinding halt so it’s absolutely crucial that you prepare for the worst.