Wedding Photographer: The Perfect Fit

wedding photographerYou only get to set up your wedding once. Chances are, you will not get that kind of chance again for the rest of your life so you really need to make sure that you are able to think things over and go through all of the tedious little details and ensure that everything will pretty much be the perfect fit for you. A wedding photographer andover is a huge added cost on top of your other wedding expenses but it is pretty much a requirement because you need to be able to immortalize the moments as they come by.


What kind of style does the wedding photographer go with? Are you into the more traditional style of photography or do you prefer a more carefree and casual take on things? You need to make sure that whatever your preference may be, it is something that the wedding photographer will be able to more or less pull off. Be honest about what you would like to happen and be quick to read the first few initial reactions because those are usually the truest and the most authentic ones.

Size of guest list

How many guests are you planning to have on your wedding? The size of your guest list should also dictate whether or not you would like to go with a wedding photographer with just a partner or one who is with a team. Weddings are huge and are filled with risks and those risks increase whenever the guest list gets bigger. Try to ask the wedding photographer the maximum amount of people he can handle in a wedding coverage. Ask him what his strategies are and how his skills are with crowd control.


What is your opinion on the wedding photographer’s blogs and portfolios posted online? The wedding photographer’s online presence is the very first screen that you can use in terms of checking out the experts available out there. You are looking for a professional who can commit to routine and someone who periodically updates his blogs and his portfolios. They should represent the photographer in ways he is not even aware of.

Turnaround time

What is the wedding photographer’s turnaround time for the finished products? You’re looking for a wedding photographer who can churn out the finished products in less than a week or so. This will tell you a lot whether the photographer knows his business or not. This will also take the edge out of you in all those days when you’re waiting for the finished photos to come in and the photographer lags around at some point. You need someone who works fast and efficiently.

Work ethics

What do the other former clients say about him and his work ethics? Recommendations is everything most especially if you have the most important day of your life on the line. Ask the wedding photographer if you can call out to his former clients and try to see if you will be able to ask them about his work ethics, former projects, and so on and so forth.